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WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. started as a pioneering company for self-medication with the launch of a nutrient-rich, gastrointestinal remedy, “WAKAMOTO” medicine in 1929. We are holding contributions to everyone’s health as our societal mission in business.

In recent years, the environment surrounding the pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing major changes. In particular, the baby boomer generation will reach age 75 or over and enter the senior citizen demographic in 2025, and Japan will face increasingly lower birth rates and a more aged society. Meanwhile, sustained systemic reform efforts are advancing for the National Health Insurance system, while fundamental reform of the drug pricing system progresses in order to reduce the medical expense burden on the nation. These shifts are occurring with unprecedented speed.

Using our experience obtained from long history, we will engage in development of OTC pharmaceuticals to suit market needs, in conjunction with the government policy of “self-medication promotion” in the healthcare sector. In pharmaceutical business terms, we will also engage in research and development of the medications an ultra-aged society needs, in the form of specialty pharma specialized in the ophthalmic field. Toward that end, we have three goals.

1. To embody a challenger’s spirit, and build up the company to have pride and dreams.

2. To strengthen all departments with free innovation and proposals, and to build up the company in a profit-driven format while also increasing sales.

3. To always respect our corporate governance and maintain compliance, and ensure ethics and transparency societally.

Going forward, we will continue to proactively develop and launch diverse products tailored to public health needs, from clinical through OTC pharmaceuticals, and other health products.

All of us will come together as one and give our all to fulfill our corporate responsibilities to society, and to earn love and trust from everyone.

Thank you all for your continued understanding and support for WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.


Foundation April, 1929
President Norihisa Kojima
Capital 3.395 billion yen
Business Manufacture and sale of ethical drugs and non-prescription drugs
Number of
Number of Employees 306 ( as of the end of March, 2021 )
Main Places of Business Head Office Tokyo
Branch Offices Sapporo, Sendai, Kanto, Tokyo,
Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka
Research Laboratory Kanagawa
Plant Kanagawa
Head Office 2-2-2, Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8330, Japan

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April 1929 Incorporated a limited partnership company, "SOCIETY FOR NUTRITION AND PARENTING" in Shiba-koen Daimon, Tokyo, and launched "Wakamoto."
January 1933 Incorporated "SOCIETY FOR NUTRITION AND PARENTING CO., LTD." in Shiba-koen, Shiba-ku, Tokyo, and started manufacturing and selling a digestive, regulating, and nutritional agent, "Wakamoto."
December 1935 Changed the trade name to "WAKAMOTO HONPO SOCIETY FOR NUTRITION AND PARENTING CO., LTD."
July 1943 Changed the trade name to current "WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD."
May 1949 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange.
January 1962 Launched "Strong Wakamoto" with enrichment and enhancement of digestive enzymes, active lactobacillus, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and nicotinic acid amide.
June 1968 Newly established Sagami Ohi Plant and a research laboratory in Oi-machi, Kanagawa.
August 1983 Launched a medicated toothpaste, "Coral." (currently "Coral ε")
September 1983 Listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
January 1989 Issued the 1st convertible corporate bond by secured collateral of the issue par value total amount of 4 billion yen.
May 1989 Launched a water soluble nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ophthalmic solution, "Diclod Ophthalmic Solution 0.1%."
December 1994 Launched a lactobacillus preparation, "Wakamoto Intestinal Remedy."
November 1999 Launched the world's first thermal response gel technology applied ophthalmic solution, a therapeutic agent for glaucoma and ocular hypertension, "Rysmon TG Ophthalmic Solution."
November 2000 Launched a therapeutic agent for allergic conjunctivitis, "Zepelin Ophthalmic Solution 0.1%."
August 2002 Sagami Ohi Plant acquired environmental management systems ISO14001 certification.
November 2005 Launched a medicated toothpaste containing lactobacilli, "Avantbise."
July 2007 Launched a therapeutic agent for glaucoma and ocular hypertension, "Nipradilol Ophthalmic Solution 0.25%." (the product which first adopted an antiseptic free NP container)
December 2010 Launched an ophthalmic surgery adjuvant, "MaQaid Intravitreous Injection 40mg." (currently an ophthalmic surgery adjuvant/an ophthalmic adrenocortical hormone agent, "MaQaid Ophthalmic Injection 40mg")
April 2014 Relocated the head office to 2-2-2, Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
October 2015 Launched a supplement, "Optiaid DE."
April  2017 Launched a processed food containing lactobacilli, "Avantbise Oral Tablet."
October  2018 Launched an allegy-specific ophthalmic drug, "アレジフェンス(OTC product of ACITAZANOLAST HYDRATE OPHTHALMIC SOLUTION 0.1%)"
August  2019 Launched a food with functional claims, "Optiaid ML MACULAR."